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SAIKYO nail care

Revive your thin, brittle, damaged, fragile, weak, fridges, uneven, flat, short nails in 90 days with cuticle oil and base coat.

Say goodbye to your nail complexes today!

Do you have any of these problems with your nails?

  • I have weak, thin, and brittle nails. They get chipped easily.

  • I have small, uneven, or flat nails. 
  • My nails' shape don't look good.

  • I believe that the shape of my nails can't be changed.

  • I can't put manicure or gels due to my job, so I just want to keep my nails nice and tidy.

  • I want to have beautiful nails before my wedding.

  • I want to grow the pink part of my nails and make them look longer.

  • I want to have beautiful vertical long nails so I can be confident with myself.

If any of these apply to you, book now!

Please take a look at the before/after photos below.


Age : 30s / Female

Menu : SAIKYO nail care 3-month course

8 visits (treatments) over 3 months, 60 minute for each treatment

(Individual result may vary.)


Age : 30s / Female

Menu : SAIKYO nail care 3-month course

8 visits (treatments) over 3 months, 60 minute for each treatment

(Individual result may vary.)


Age : 20s / Female

Menu : SAIKYO nail care 3-month course

8 visits (treatments) over 3 months, 60 minute for each treatment

(Individual result may vary.)


Age : 40s / Female

Menu : SAIKYO nail care 3-month course

8 visits (treatments) over 3 months, 60 minute for each treatment

(Individual result may vary.)


Age : 40s / Male

Menu : SAIKYO nail care 3-month course

1 visits of 60 minutes treatment

*The customer is in the middle of the course.

(Individual result may vary.)

5 reasons why you should choose my salon

You will have beautiful and strong bare nails within 90 days.

Why my nails can be transformed to "beautiful vertical long nails"  ?

There are 5 reasons below which explain why my salon is chosen

by customers who have nail complexes.

Vertical nail photo.png

1. Specializing in developing and growing the vertical shape nails

My salon can revive most of complexed nails to "beautiful vertical long nails". If you have small, brittle, short, flat, uneven, fridges nails or nails with other issues, please contact me.

The reason why I can transform your nails to beautiful vertical nails without applying gels or acrylics is because of my gentle and appropriate care technique of cuticles and shaping the nails.

In other words, our nails will become flat easily if we leave them without any treatment, so we need to condition the nails to let them grow into vertical nails.

My technique of cuticle care and shaping nails will give your nails a different look instantly.

2. Say goodbye to your thin, weak, brittle, easily chipped nails

My salon's nail care will not only make your nails beautiful, but also protect them from dryness and make them moist, shiny, and strong at the same time.

Please contact me if you have weak, thin, easily chipped or fragile nails. 

3. 90% of customers are new to nail salons

90% of customers who come to my salon for nail care have never visited "Nail Salon" as they have issues or complexes with their nails.

The purpose is not to dress up "nails" but to develop "bare nails" into beautiful vertical long nails. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me and my salon is always open for you.

4. You will earn the essential knowledge of nail care for home maintenance

During the sessions, I will advise you how to take care and maintain your nails at home. 

Being able to maintain beautiful nails by yourself could be a lifelong asset.

Cuticle oil care.png

5. Your dream of gel manicure will come true
If you always wanted to get your nails dress up with gel manicure, your dream will come true soon.

If you don't want to make too glossy or try bright colors, no worries, I have a lot of natural and simple colors which will suit your skin.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-12 at 15.02.05.jpeg
Price list.png

After you visit my salon for nail care...

  • You will be able to say "Hi♡" to your beautiful nails every day!

  • Your nails will become stronger and hardly chipped again!

  • You don't need to hide your fingertips in front of other people anymore.

  • You will feel more confident about your fingertips.

  • Your feeling will be satisfied with beautiful nails every time you look at them.

nail care promotion.png

For booking or inquiry, click below!



Q: I have a habit of biting and picking my nails too short. Is there anything you can do?

A: Yes, of course. Many of my customer visit my salon with ingrown nails that they cannot stop biting or picking their nails. My customer includes teenage students who come with their parents, and other ages up to 60s. Let's work together and I can support you grow your ingrown nails into beautiful, long nails!


Q: My nails are short and small. Can you provide nail care?

A: Yes, I can provide nail care. Many customers have issues such as too small or out of shape, your nails can be transformed by trimming the cuticles around the nails and shaping your nails.

Q: What is the difference between "Nail Care" and "SAIKYO Nail Care"?

A: "Nail Care" refers to the care of your nails by shaping them neatly and caring for your cuticles to make them beautiful. "SAIKYO nail care" is not just caring for your nails, but also applying a special nail care techniques to grow "vertical nails" within an average of 3 months.

Q: I have gels on my nails now. Should I remove them before visiting?

A: It's okay to come with gels on. I will remove them while moisturizing and protecting your natural nails.

Q: Can you advise me how to take care of my nails at home?

A: Yes! Especially if you take "SAIKYO nail care", your home nail care will be crucial. I will advise you step by step. If you have any questions or concerns during the 3 months' course, you can ask me anytime.

Q: I'm new to nail salons and have always been too embarrassed to show my nails. Will that be ok?

A: Please don't worry and be relaxing. Most of my customers don't want to show their nails. 

Q: I would like to make a reservation. However, I don't live nearby, and it will take around 3 hours for round trip. I would like to decide whether to continue after trying the trial session, is it ok?

A: Yes, of course. Please make a reservation for a trial first then it is all up to you!

Q: Is it possible to make a reservation for just nail care?

A: Of course! My salon is a nail care salon for customers who want to have beautifully maintained nails. Please make a reservation by choosing "Nail Care".

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