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Hi I'm  Tomo!

Thank you for visiting my website "Nail & Eyebrow studio by Tomo".

My salon is a total beauty salon in Auckland run by a Japanese beauty artist.

My salon offers "eyebrow semi-permanent makeup", "nail care (enhancing nail growth)", and "gel manicure" .

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WhatsApp Image 2023-05-12 at 15.00.17.jpeg

Eyebrow semi-permanent makeup

My salon provides natural and gentle permanent makeup that does not rely on the golden ratio of eyebrows. The design is made to match your own eyebrows, and we check the movement of your facial muscles and make sure that there is no discomfort when you look in the mirror every day.

SAIKYO nail care

No gel or acrylics will be used. Your natural nails will grow in just 3 months and be kept beautiful by using original nail growth oil and base coat.

Basically, any type of nail can be grown into a "beautiful vertical nail". If you have problems with small nails, round nails, flat nails, deep nails, bitten nails, picking nails, uneven nails, fridges, peeling nails or cuticle and etc,

please flick me a message.


Gel Manicure

You can experience extra gentle gel manicure at my salon as I'm a specialist of nail care.

"Gel nails that make your fingertips look beautiful"

The gel polish in my salon will moisturize

your original nails.

Try now!

My salon is homebased and licensed by Auckland Council.

If you wish to bring your children,

please contact me in advance.

*Business Hours*

Weekdays 9:30-15:00

(Please contact me for weekends and holidays.)

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