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Eyebrow permanent makeup

What is eyebrow permanent makeup?

Eyebrow permanent makeup is a type of permanent makeup technique that involves putting pigment into the area where the eyebrows grow. Permanent makeup can change the following:

- Thickness, density, color, left/right difference, hair volume

・Blur and gradient

Regardless of whether you have natural eyebrows or not, we can create the best design to suit your face based on your concerns about the amount of hair, facial muscles, and bone structure. Permanent makeup is described as "indelible, non-running, non-smudgeable," but unlike so-called "tattoos," the color fades little by little with the skin's metabolism, so you can change the design every few years depending on the current fashion or changing preferences with age.

"Natural eyebrows"

Eyebrows are the most important parts in expressing facial expressions among all facial parts.

This is why a lot of customers say that eyebrows are the most difficult part to make up.

At my studio, I offer "natural looksemi-permanent makeup which ease your makeup in the morning


If any of the following applies to you, please feel free to contact me.

  • I want to quickly finish my eyebrow makeup every morning.

  • I don't know what eyebrow shape suits my face, so I keep reapplying my makeup.

  • My eyebrows are thin, and I feel there are differences between my left and right eyebrows.

  • I don't like eyebrows that look like "I had permanent makeup on".

  • ​A natural finish that blends in with my natural eyebrows even without makeup.

  • I feel like my eyebrows are getting more raised because of aging.

Eyebrow permanent makeup reference example

"My eyebrows are thin and disappear when I sweat. I want them to look natural."
This is a customer who consulted with me.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-12 at 15.00.17.jpeg

* The eyebrow tattoo needs 2-3 sessions to complete.

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Customer Reviews

Eyebrow art makeup W-san.jpg
Eyebrow art makeup T-san Japanese.jpg
Eyebrow art makeup Mr. S.jpg

What did you think?

90% of customers who come to our store for eyebrow permanent makeup are doing it for the first time.
"What is eyebrow permanent makeup?" "Does it hurt?" "Does it last forever?" etc.
Please take a look at this list of frequently asked questions.

If you would like to see more treatment examples, please see our Gallery.



The salon is homebased salon (License registered by Auckland Council ).  If you want to bring your kids, kindly contact me in advance.

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